Developer FAQ

What is the revenue-sharing model at GameMondi?
GameMondi follows a fair revenue-sharing model: 40% for Developers and 40% for Publishers
How can I integrate the GameMondi SDK into my games?
Detailed documentation on SDK integration is available at
What types of games does GameMondi accept?
GameMondi welcomes a variety of game genres, as long as they meet our quality standards and guidelines. Ensure your game provides an engaging and enjoyable experience for users.
How do I earn money with GameMondi?
Partner with GameMondi as Developer role, we share with you the revenue generated through in-game advertising.The more your game captivates players, the more revenue generate.
What is the approval process for game submissions?
After integrating the SDK, upload your game to the dashboard for approval. We review games to ensure they meet quality and content guidelines.
What types of ads does GameMondi support in games?
GameMondi supports various ad formats, including pre-roll ads (before gameplay), mid-roll ads (during gameplay), and rewarded ads, allowing users to earn rewards by watching ads.
When will I get paid?
Our payout cycle is Net 30. It means that the money was sent out within 25 days of the previous month or period.
What is the payment threshold?
The minimum payout is $100
Can I track the performance of my games on GameMondi?
Developers have access to analytics and performance metrics through the developer dashboard, providing insights into user engagement, revenue, and other key metrics.
Can I still edit my game when it is already live?
You can still edit your games when it is already live. But your game still runs with the old version until your new version is approved. Once the new version is approved, the old version will be replaced by the new one.

Frequent technical errors

Why I cannot preview my games after uploading game zip file?
There are some possible reasons for this error:
  1. 1.
    The file you compressed doesn't meet standards
  2. 2.
    Your source folder doesn't include index.html file.
Why is the "Request activation" button not activated?
The "Request activation" button is not activated because you haven't filled out enough compulsory fields. Update all information to submit your request.
How can I remove my game?
You cannot remove the game after uploading to Gamemondi's dashboard according to our policy
Why I cannot save the tag?
Press "Enter" after completing a tag to save, the tag save successful when the color turns blue
Why I cannot upload the game zip file?
You cannot upload your game zip maybe because of several factors:
  1. 1.
    Internet Connection: Check your internet connection before uploading the game zip to ensure internet is stable
  2. 2.
    Extension: Check to see if there are any extensions installed that block game uploads"
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